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The kitchen and bath are among the most used rooms of any home. Considering the amount of time spent in both, it’s easy to find yourself getting overwhelmed with things like Tupperware lids and dirty laundry on the floor. Whether cooking a Thanksgiving feast for the entire family, or enjoying a bath after a long workday, both spaces deserve to be enjoyed to the fullest. Our professionals will work to create functional storage solutions and give you the tools to eliminate the clutter and improve sanitary conditions in these high traffic areas of the home.

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Free up space and find what you need quickly! We can help with everything and the kitchen sink!

  • Cabinets & Drawers

  • Pantries
  • Refrigerator Organizing

  • China Cabinets
  • Tupperware

  • Junk Drawers
  • Medicines & Vitamins
  • Kitchen Gadgets
  • Cutlery & Utensils
  • Pet Drawers & Food Storage

free phone call consultation.

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From soaps to wash cloths, we help you stay neat and clean. Let us tackle one of the most used, least pampered rooms of the home.

  • Shower Storage
  • Vanity Cabinets
  • Toiletries
  • Dryers & Curling Irons
  • Makeup Drawers

free phone call consultation.

The SOLD Process

Our SOLD team will discuss your challenges and goals in a free phone consultation.

We conduct an onsite assessment. SOLD comes to your space, assesses the work and creates a plan to complete the project. No need to clean prior as we need to see your space “as is”. Our onsite assessment is a flat rate of $100 which is applied to your final invoice when you choose to move forward.

Following the assessment, our team of two experienced people will provide you with an estimate that addresses your individual and family goals and get to work!

We remain transparent with you at all times as far as what you’re paying for, how long we’ll be working with you, and any other factors that contribute to the overall cost of our services. Our service is billed on an hourly rate with a three-hour minimum.

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What SOLD clients say …

Busy working mom with a closet hot mess! SOLD organizers handled my overwhelming closet/clothes anxiety with efficiency and ease ! They assisted with decision making and organized promptly according to my needs! I also felt great that my unwanted clothes were donated to a great local cause!

C.C., Client

SOLD was just what my garage needed. They were quick, efficient, and considered my wants and needs. All my unwanted items were taken away. Everything in my garage has a place and is thoughtfully organized, leaving me more than enough ample space. Highly recommend for all their services!


I hired SOLD Wilmington to help declutter, organize and simplify several rooms in my home – Master closet, garage, kitchen and porch. Dawn and Meg work hard and efficiently and never disappoint! I’m especially thankful for their maintenance program. It helps keep my home neat and orderly.