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Just like home, the way we run our business reflects who we are and what we can achieve. At SOLD, we aim to improve the appearance of your office by specializing in organization systems and strategies that fit your business’s specific needs. Don’t be surprised to find yourself enjoying a nice boost in confidence once you are given the tools to put your best foot forward every day. Working with a SOLD professional will allow you to regain control of your office space and your time, leaving you and your clients very happy.

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Complete Office Space Organization

  • File organizing
  • Lobby declutter & refresh
  • Productive Office Storage Solutions

  • Efficient Office Layout
  • Conference Room Staging

  • Breakroom Decluttering

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Our SOLD team will discuss your challenges and goals in a free phone conversation.

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The SOLD Process

Our SOLD team will discuss your challenges and goals in a free phone consultation.

We conduct an onsite assessment. SOLD comes to your space, assesses the work and creates a plan to complete the project. No need to clean prior as we need to see your space “as is”. Our onsite assessment is a flat rate of $100 which is applied to your final invoice when you choose to move forward.

Following the assessment, our team of two experienced people will provide you with an estimate that addresses your individual and family goals and get to work!

We remain transparent with you at all times as far as what you’re paying for, how long we’ll be working with you, and any other factors that contribute to the overall cost of our services. Our service is billed on an hourly rate with a three-hour minimum.

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