About SOLD

To enjoy and use your space to it’s fullest, you need breathing room. Whether at home or at work, our goal is to help you create great spaces that you can maintain well after our work is done.

SOLD provides personalized support and expertise to help every client re-organize and declutter.

We’re passionate about what we do and we’re skilled at helping our clients turn their cluttered homes into pleasant, enjoyable spaces. We’re ready, able, and excited to do the same for you and prove to you why we’re one of the best home staging companies in Wilmington, NC!

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eliminate chaos.

live decluttered.

The SOLD Team

A Passion for Organization

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. We’re here to help! We believe it’s important to maintain an organized, clean home and have an enjoyable space to come back to each day. Read more about us to find out what makes us the right team to get your home into its best shape yet!

Meet Meg
Meet Dawn
Meet Meg
Meet Dawn

What SOLD clients say …

Busy working mom with a closet hot mess! SOLD organizers handled my overwhelming closet/clothes anxiety with efficiency and ease ! They assisted with decision making and organized promptly according to my needs! I also felt great that my unwanted clothes were donated to a great local cause!

C.C., Client

SOLD was just what my garage needed. They were quick, efficient, and considered my wants and needs. All my unwanted items were taken away. Everything in my garage has a place and is thoughtfully organized, leaving me more than enough ample space. Highly recommend for all their services!



I hired SOLD Wilmington to help declutter, organize and simplify several rooms in my home – Master closet, garage, kitchen and porch. Dawn and Meg work hard and efficiently and never disappoint! I’m especially thankful for their maintenance program. It helps keep my home neat and orderly.




Co Founder

Welcome! I’m Meg. My passion is finding ways to maintain an efficient and organized home.

I enjoy upcycling furniture, cooking, painting, gardening, and spending time with my animals and family. My passion is finding ways to maintain an efficient and organized home. In order to create a practical system whereby families can function daily, we must find a place for everything.

It’s important to create proper placement opportunities, to utilize optimal areas within your home, and create ‘what makes you happy’ spaces. In order to do this, we often must eliminate the chaos of ‘stuff.’ Our team is here to help you stage, organize, and live decluttered.



Co Founder

Hello! I’m Dawn. I’ve spent the last 38 years as a hairdresser in Ohio. I recently moved to North Carolina and am thrilled at the idea of starting a new chapter in my life. Organizing and decluttering is something I enjoy doing and has become a strong suit of mine.

I live by the motto “everything has a place and I like it in it.” I am known by my friends as a go-to person when it comes to moving in and designing their space. I love helping others and seeing a sense of relief when a space is complete. I look forward to turning your dream into a reality!